Track D Time : 2022.10.19 17:00 ~ 17:40
The Next Generation Wireless Intrusion Prevention System "DeepTrust AIR " mail share facebook share twitter share linkedin share band share kakao

ChanSeok Kim R&D Manager

Due to the increase in mobile and personal devices in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, and the speed, distance, and convenience of wireless in various places such as government and corporations,
It is quickly being used for work. Recently, the 6Ghz band of WIFI6E is used for communication between mobile phones, home appliances, and devices.
With a wider band, wireless is transcending the limits of existing wired networks such as healthcare, manufacturing, and education.

The development of WI-FI technology has made life and work easier, but threats due to wireless vulnerabilities are also increasing.
DeepTrust AIR is equipped with a new technology that detects and blocks not only the extended 6Ghz band of WI-FI 6E, but also the wireless vulnerabilities of 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz.
It is the first deepTrust AIR of Secure Letter Co., Ltd., which is WIPS in the expanded wireless environment of WIF6E at home and abroad.

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