Track D Time : 2022.10.19 16:20 ~ 17:00
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Menlo Security
Sungrae Kim Country Manager of Korea

With the end of the pandemic, concerns about how companies operate their working systems are in full swing.
Many companies are developing a hybrid work environment that combines telecommuting and telecommuting even after Corona.
We have announced our plan to continue. ‘Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)’ technology that supports convenient and safe work attracts attention
Security for telecommuting in an environment of increasing sophistication and explosion of cyber threats
Reinforcement is becoming more difficult. Unlike PCs inside the enterprise, they are connected to the home network.
In PC, it is impossible for security personnel to directly distribute security policies or manage data.
In particular, the shortage of security personnel makes it more difficult to respond to the increasing number of connected devices and threat events.
In this regard, ‘remote browser isolation’ technology is attracting attention. Suspicious web, email, and document files
It is opened in an isolated virtual environment, and when the session ends, the virtual container used for isolation is completely
is deleted 100% security is guaranteed because it removes the source of the environment in which malicious code can operate.

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