Track C Time : 2022.10.19 16:20 ~ 17:00
The Power of Advanced Network Detection and Response with real-time network traffic. mail share facebook share twitter share linkedin share band share kakao

Jay Hong Senior Consulting Engineer

Doing business in a digital economy demands agility, and corporate digital infrastructures have changed profoundly in response. But as businesses race to the cloud and expand activities across a globally distributed digital ecosystem, they must also reinvent cybersecurity platforms to defend this expanded threat surface.
Underpinning NETSCOUT Omnis Security are the CyberStream and vSTREAM platforms for any digital plaform. NETSCOUT technology, this highly scalable instrumentation converts network traffic into Smart Data to deliver comprehensive and consistent visibility across a disparate digital infrastructure. It’s this level of Visibility without Borders that enables Security without Borders in our cybersecurity platform
See the power of Advanced Network Detection and Response with Omnis® Security, from NETSCOUT..