Track B Time : 2022.10.19 13:40 ~ 14:20
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PARK SUHYUN Development director

Starting with the need for cloud security, introducing threats, security technologies, security products, and more

Tatum security Booth no : F11

Currently, security is the number one technology needed to advance the cloud industry.
As we move from legacy environments to the cloud, security is also the area of greatest concern.

Cloud security incidents are also constantly increasing, and more than 99% of cloud security incidents are caused by user misconfiguration.
That setup error, its even more deadly and difficult in the cloud.
The starting point of the cloud security problem is CSPM.

Tatum CSPM provides the easiest and easiest way to achieve cloud security.
A single scan can verify all the settings in the cloud, and the settings that are verified can be audited for multiple compliance.

Use Tatum CSPM to identify and visualize all assets in the cloud!
"Security Tatum Security Starting with the Nature of the Cloud"

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