Track D Time : 2022.10.18 17:00 ~ 17:40
Overcoming CAD Security Issues with the State-of-the-Art UPC Technology mail share facebook share twitter share linkedin share band share kakao

Yoon Hyungdong Principal Engineer

Manufacturing companies face the highest risk of theft from employees and contractors, but the challenges don’t stop there. Most at risk is unstructured data like CAD files, source codes, and formulas used by employees and the supply chain. Yet, sensitive data, trade secrets, proprietary designs, and manufacturing processes are shared internally and externally among a transient workforce and external suppliers.

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Fasoo Data Radar

Fasoo Data Radar finds unstructured data, encrypts sensitive data, manages user access to the data and embeds a unique identifier in each file.
Data is always protected and under your control, internally, at third parties, with the ability to trace and expire it anywhere at anytime.
Fasoo Data Radar is a comprehensive solution for data security, privacy and compliance.

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