Track D Time : 2022.10.18 16:20 ~ 17:00
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SailPoint Technology Inc
Kim Joo Heon Senior Solution Engineer

As the IT ecosystem rapidly transitions to the cloud, the importance of identity is emphasized, and identity and related attacks are also rapidly increasing.
To efficiently respond to rapidly increasing identity-related attacks, AI/ML provides the direction of the identity security system for safer business operations by securing visibility into the identity of customers in all IT work environments.

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Identity Security Platform

"SailPoint is a global leader in IGA(Identity Governance and Administration).
We provide the most effective, fast-responsive solution to the growing number of identity security threats.
Provide visibility, comparison, and analysis of all accounts of IT assets in different operating environments using AI/ML capabilities to identify and act on suspicious identities."
The SailPoint Identity Security Platform provides an on-premises solution(IdentityIQ) and a SaaS service (IdentityNow) to meet a variety of needs and environments.

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