Track C Time : 2022.10.18 14:40 ~ 15:20
Fight against supply chain attacks from customers perspective mail share facebook share twitter share linkedin share band share kakao

Ikchan Jeon Vice President

In addition to efforts by government agencies to establish guidelines to respond to supply chain attacks, the industry is also rushing to launch solutions and services against supply chain attacks.
SBOM and Open Source have emerged as most important keywords in responding to supply chain attacks due to the Executive Order of Bidens administration(EO14028), which mandates suppliers to submit software component tables. However, the SW supply chain is a value chain in which the responsibilities, roles, and interests of suppliers and consumers are complexly intertwined. SBOM is not practical, and it is reasonable to understand it as a protocol for communication between suppliers and consumers. In addition, in the case of 3rd Party Software where source code is not provided, binary-based analysis technology is required for open source analysis. In order to respond substantially and fully to supply chain attacks, it is necessary to preemptively establish a supply chain response system not only from a supplier perspective but also from a consumer perspective throughout the entire life cycle from the development, delivery and operation of software.