Track B Time : 2022.10.18 16:20 ~ 17:00
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SNA Inc.(Checkmarx)
Louis Park Channel Sales Engineer

Among the software supply chain attacks that have become a major issue recently, a new type of attack by infecting open source packages with malicious code is being discovered. Traditional software composition analysis exposes vulnerabilities to these attacks,making it difficult to gain comprehensive visibility and security of users’ supply chains. Learn security awareness and workarounds against these new types of security risk.

SNA Inc.(Checkmarx) Booth no : F09

Checkmarx One

Easily integrate one-click AppSec testing with a platform built from our industry-leading technology. Designed for the cloud development generation and delivered from the cloud, it seamlessly secures your entire codebase so can you deliver and deploy more-secure code.
Purposely designed for today’s technology stack, processes, vulnerabilities, and risks, the Checkmarx One AST Platform™ is a solution you can rely on. It enables you to simplify security?in application source code, open source dependencies, supply chains, IaC, APIs, containers, and more?all from a single scan. Built from our industry-leading AST solutions and delivered from the cloud, it provides rapid, correlated, and accurate results to speed remediation?all delivered from a single solution.

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