Track B Time : 2022.10.18 13:40 ~ 14:20
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Choe Jeongseon Associate Director

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived and has emphasized technological prowess in how big data is handled in various industries. Privacy is no exception. Easycerti going to talk about next-generation monitoring technologies that collect and analyze personal information access records based on Big Data processing techniques. " The fastest, most accurate, and most convenient, but secure, " offers a solution by Easycerti, a technology intensive stock company that has taken the 20 years to develop and supply privacy solutions.

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UBI SAFER-PSM is an internal control solution for personal information handlers with access to personal information processing systems. It generates and collects personal information access records based on 5W1H and collects and stores them. Based on personal information access records, statistical analysis of personal information types, processing behaviors, processing periods, and monitoring of suspected misuses of personal information and mishandling status Through this, personal information leakage and misuse can be prevented in advance. Especially,
Various reports and functions of UBI SAFER-PSM are automatically generated and provided with various statistics and analyses. It can be used as evidence for personal information inspection and agency inspection.
In addition, this product was selected and registered as Excellent Product in the Nara Marketplace, Korea Public Procurement Service in 2018.In addition, it is the only one in the industry that has completed CC certification EAL3, GS certification 1st grade and V & V performance evaluation to provide excellent security and excellent quality.

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