What's ISEC



Trustworthy ISEC to be held on The 15th edition this year since inception, the real security 5,000 practitioners engaged in the work place including company's Information Security Officer(CISO) as the largest ‘Information Security Conference’ in domestic.

Event Title ISEC 2021 (The 15th International Security Conference)
Sub Title Digital : Security
Period 21(Thu) – 22(Fri) October, 2021, 09:00 – 18:00
Venue COEX Grand Ballroom, Asem Ballroom, Conference room(North), Seoul, Korea
Host Ministry of Science and ICT, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, ISEC 2021 Organizing Committee
Organizer Korea Internet & Security Agency, Korea Council of Chief Information Security Officers, (ISC)², thebn Co., Ltd.
※(ISC)² : The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc
NAVER, Microsoft Korea, HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd,
Seoul Metropolitan City, Korea Tourism Organization
Sponsor Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korean National Police Agency, Korea Defense Industry Trade Support Center, R.O.K Cyber Command, Republic of Korea ARMY, Seoul Metropolitan City, Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute, Financial Security Institute, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea Social Security Information Service, Korea Information Technology Research Institute, Korean Security Agency of Trade and Industry, National Security Research Institute, Public Ordering Sector Conference, National Communications Official Council, Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Information Systems Audit and Control Association Korea, Korea Association of Industrial Technology Security, Telecommunications Technology Association, KOREA Image Information research Association, Korea Surveillance Instruments Industry Cooperative, Korea Security Association, Korea Counter-Terrorism Industry Association, The Korea Association For Industrial Security, Korea CPTED Association, Korean Police Studies Association, Korea Security Science Association, The Korean Association for Terrorism Studies, Korea Internet Service Promotion Association, Korea Information Security Industry Association, Korea Software Industry Association, Korea Information Technology Service Industry Association, Korea Cyberforce Association, Korea Aviation Security Association, City Regeneration and Safety Association, Korea Association of Game Industry, Korea Association For Biometrics Identity Security, Fast IDentity Online Alliance, Korea Corporate Security Managers’ Council, Korea Institute of Information Security and Cryptology, Korean Society For Internet Information, Korea Data Law & Policy Association, The Korea Society of Smart city, Korean Society of Disaster Information, Busan•Ulsan•Gyeongnam Information Protection Industry Association, Privacy Professional Instructor Association
- 2021 Health and Welfare Personal Information Security Workshop
- 2021 Medical Feild Cybersecurity Workshop
- 2021 Army, Navy and Air Force Cybersecurity Workshop
- 2021 Seoul Cybersecurity Workshop
- 2021 Gyeonggi-do Cybersecurity Workshop
- The 8th CISO Workshop
Exhibit Profile AI Security, Anti-Spam/Phishing, Anti-virus, APT Response, Backup/Recovery, Big Data, Block chain, Cloud Security, Data Leakage Prevention, DB Security/DB Encryption, DDos, Document Centralization, Document Output Security/Output Security, DRM, E-Discovery, EDR, ESM, FDS, Forensics, Homepage Privacy Block, IAM/EAM, Information Destruction Solution, Integrated PC Security, IPS/IDS, Keyboard Security, KMS, MDM, NAC, Network Segmentation & Consolidation, NFV, OS Security, OTP, PC Privacy Block, Personal Information Access History Management, Personal Information Log Management, Personal Video Information (Image), PMS, Privacy Law, Quantum Encryption, Response to Infringement Threats (Dark Web, etc.), SDN, Secure Coding, Security Consulting, Security Control, Security Switches, Security USB, Server Security, Source Code Analysis, TMS, UTM, Virtualization Solution, VPN, Web Application Security, Web Firewall, Web Shell Defense, WIPS, Wireless Security