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Exhibiting Item IT Security, Imagery Information Security, Access Control, Document Security etc. Various Solutions.
Network Security, EDR, CDR, AI Security Solution, Big Data Security, Application Security, Management Security, Web Security, Cloud Security, Embedded Security, Game Security, PC Security, Copyright & Contents Protection, Discord Information, Personal Information Security, DB Security, Internal Security, Separate Network, APT Cope, Wireless Security, MDM, Social Security, Convergence Security, CCTV, Access Control, Digital Forensic, Biometrics, Security Consulting, DRM, OTP, DDos, Document Printout Security, Source Code Analysis, Security Control, Law, Organization, Personnel Security etc.


Classification Sponsorship Details Cost
(VAT Excluded)
 ㆍKeynote Speech : Worldwide Security Trend and Market Outlook
 Speaker: Security experts in Korea and abroad
 Session Length: 30 min.
 Date & Time: During 10:30~12:00, September, 8(Tue)~9(Wed)
 Venue: All Three Tracks, Grand Ballroom, COEX, Seoul

 ※ Marking 'Special Sponsor' in wall banners, promotional materials,
      printed materials
 ※ Posting an online banner on www.boannews.com
      (on a 'detailed article view' page)
A type
(B + C)
 ㆍB Type (Q&A Session) + C Type (Exhibition Booth)
  ※ Priority given when allocating session and booth
(1 Track +
1 Booth)
B type
(Q&A Special
 ㆍA speech session in the afternoon: Q&A type session
 ㆍQuestions will be posted in real time on SNS.
 Session Length: 30 min.
 Date & Time: During 13:00~18:00, September, 8(Tue)~9(Wed)
 Venue: One Track (A, B or C), Grand Ballroom, COEX, Seoul
(1 Track)
C type
 ㆍOne Exhibition Booth: Size 3m(W)×1.5m(D)×3m(H)
 Exhibition Booth includes: - One Fascia Board
     (English and Korean logos printed)
                   - One Info Desk (Logo printed)
                   - Two Chairs
                   - One Internet Port (Wired)
                   - 1 Kw Electricity (220V 2 Holes Socket)
                   - One Catalogue Display Stand
 Venue: Lobby of Grand Ballroom, COEX, Seoul
(1 Booth)
Common Benefits
for All

(Special Sponsorship
and A/B/C Type)
 1-page AD in the thebn App.
 1-page Article about the company and solutions in the thebn App.
 Free online invitation letters for your customers

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