What's ISEC



Maximized synergy effects with diverse and efficient contents in one place with concurrent events, with conferences in which both participated relevant ministries & institutions group as hosts, organizers.

ㆍ2019 International Cyber Security Solution Fair
ㆍJANAF Cyberdefence Workshop (Host: ROK Army Headquarters)
ㆍKorea·Israel Buyer Meeting (Host: Israel Embassy, Boannews)
ㆍSoftware Development Security Conference (Host: MOI)
ㆍInternational Financial Security Workshop (Host: Israel CERT)
ㆍThe 5th CISO Workshop (Host: Korea Association of CISO)

ㆍ2019 The 4rd CPO Workshop (Host: MOIS)
ㆍMedical Field Cybersecurity Workshop (Sponsor: MOHW)
ㆍSeoul Cybersecurity Workshop (Host: Seoul Metropolitan Government)
ㆍISEC 2019 Best Speaker Awards
ㆍIntelligence Information Security Academy for training information security professionals (Host: CAP, Boannews)

Leading companies of information protection solutions in domestic and overseas participate in concurrent events 2019 International Cyber Security Solution Fair with demonstration of the latest solutions.

Improve the high quality of the conference contents as ISEC 2019 audience's voting to ISEC 2019 Best Speaker Awards

Improvement the status to international conference as expanding participation of overseas information security specialists co-organized by (ISC)², which International information Security Specialist Association, global leading companies participate and lecture.

ISEC 2019 Purpose

National Cyber Security Competition’s reinforcement
Opportunity for Cyber Security level up & collaboration of the system in each field of society
Cyber Security awareness raising & Security culture
Introduction to the latest vulnerability & hacking techniques and corresponding strategy
Sharing of information & community formation to corresponding Cyber Infringement Accident
Provide guideline to be applied in work place
Discover of outstanding construction case & CISO
Provide CISO role models according to mandatory system declaration of CISO
Preparation of security manager’s survey statistics data in the work place
Contribution to creating demand and emphasize the importance and necessity of investing in cyber security
The place of exchange of information to uncover supplier and consumer needs through the main information protection solutions a demonstration
Support of enhancing capabilities of education Personal information security & charger through CPO workshop
Domestic security industry sustainable growth support by overseas buyers & the invitation of the security company
Supporting overseas promotion by domestic outstanding security technology and solution